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The Challenge

Compared to the U.S., medical care in China is drastically under-

resourced, with far worse cancer mortality outcomes.

Number of Oncologists

There are 26 oncologists per Million people in China. There are 60 oncologists per Million people in the U.S.

5-Year Cancer Survival Rate

 The 5-year cancer survival rate is only 40.5% in China, compared to 67% in the U.S.

RangeLight Health Platform

Peace of Mind

As renowned experts in their fields, RangeLight Health oncologists will verify your diagnosis and make sure you fully understand your prognosis

A Path Forward

Our medical team will share an array of potential treatment options with you, including the latest from overseas medical trials

Ease of Use

With RangeLight Health’s proprietary platform, you can seamlessly upload health records and easily communicate with our medical team

Answers, Fast

No more long waits for a consultation. You’ll quickly get the answers you need.

Live Telehealth Conferencing

Expert Second Opinion - Written Report

We felt that this third-party opinion was very valuable. It dispelled my sister's doubts and eliminated anxiety. We would recommend this service to relatives and friends.

 - RangeLight Health Patient Family Member




Dedicated Medical Team


Ken Krajewski

Co-Founder, CEO

Dr. Krajewski is a triple Board Certified physician who specializes in Medical Oncology and Hematology with over 7 years of practice experience. His...


Andrea Teague

Hematologist & Oncologist

Dr. Andrea Teague is a triple board certified physician specialized in treating cancer. Her educational training includes attending the...


Andres Wiernik Rodriguez

Hematologist & Oncologist

Dr. Andres Wiernik Rodriguez is a board certified medical oncologist and hematologist with an international practice. He...


Ali Mohamed, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Ali Mohamed, MD serves as the Chief Medical Officer for RangeLight Health. Dr. Mohamed is a specialist dedicated to providing...


Thomas Regenbogen

Hematologist & Oncologist

Dr. Thomas Regenbogen is a medical oncologist with prior training and employment at elite medical institutions around the world. His...


Ryan Roop, MD

Hematologist & Oncologist

Dr. Roop was raised in Phoenix, Arizona and pursued undergraduate studies and medical school at the University of Arizona. He became a...

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