1. What types of cancer cases do RangeLight Health oncologists consult on?

RangeLight Health has assembled a team of expert oncologists who provide second opinions on the following types of cancers:

  • Lung Cancer - Small Cell Lung Cancer & Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (including Adenocarcinoma & Squamous Cell Carcinoma)

  • Breast Cancer

  • Esophageal Cancer

  • Stomach (Gastric) Cancer

  • Small Intestine Cancer

  • Colon Cancer (Large Intestine Cancer)

  • Pancreatic Cancer

  • Biliary (Bile Duct) Cancer

  • Liver (Hepatic) Cancer

  • Rectal Cancer

  • Anal Cancer

  • Tumors


2. If I have been diagnosed with another cancer that is not listed above, can I still consult a RangeLight Health oncologist? 

Please reach out to our case managers at questions@rangelighthealth.com if you have an alternative diagnosis. We are committed to only accepting cases that align with our physician's expertise.

3. What is included in a RangeLight Health Second Opinion Report?

RangeLight Health offers independent consultations by expert US oncologists for adult cancer patients. RangeLight Health has carefully chosen medical oncologists from the leading institutions in the United States to provide unbiased, individualized information regarding cancer diagnosis and treatment. This personalized report will include your diagnosis, stage, proposed next steps for management, and treatment plan options. You will also have the option to submit specific questions you would like the oncologist to address in the report. Finally, the oncologist will also provide a one-minute video online, summarizing the key points of the case. Mandarin translation is included in the Second Opinion Report service.

4. Do you consult on pediatric cancer cases?

At this time, we only provide consultative services to cancer patients who are 18+. 


5. What medical records will I need to submit?

Please submit your pathology report, radiation report, clinical notes and written imaging reports. RangeLight Health’s easy-to-use patient portal will guide you through submitting these documents online.